Who are we? 
We are a social enterprise who see the potential in people and believe everyone deserves a second chance at life. By bridging the gap into society for those exiting the justice system, we bring hope to the hopeless. 

It started with three friends sat by the River Thames thinking how best to bring hope to ex-offenders. One worked in the Ministry of Justice, the other had worked with ex-offenders and the third had worked in a pupil referral unit.

They had been on this journey a long time already and tried different things and realised coffee could be an answer to help reduce the reoffending rate. 

So they took a risk and bought a coffee roasting machine and put it in the borough of Newham, East London thanks to the kindness of someone who didn't even know them but believed in their vision. They found someone who knew how to roast coffee and started selling to individuals, churches and cafes. Some others joined to help us with marketing and Second Crack was born. Since then a lot of others have also supported us in many different ways check out our supporters page for more details.


What makes us different?

Our experience in the justice system and our support. We are not about quantity but quality.

"Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world" Roald Dahl, that’s our job to dig out the gold in people, equip them with the right skills on a firm foundation of the right support.

We have a holistic approach to make sure people who have often been let down by many in the past aren't again! We do this by partnering with a number of organisations from housing trusts to charities to businesses. As we know these trainees need the right support to thrive. Wherever possible we employ them too!

Plus we want to encourage others to do the same in the coffee industry and beyond! That's why we are setting up the Second Crack Foundation to facilitate this.  

Why speciality coffee?

The speciality coffee industry is booming and has a shortage of highly skilled staff and is more concerned with your passion than your background!

We also believe there is too much bad coffee out there!

Why choose our coffee?

We believe in sourcing the best coffee that we can get our hands on, that means teaming up with top speciality coffee growers wherever possible. To support and encourage smallholder farmers in the speciality coffee industry is a top priority for us. This is well above Fair Trade prices! Great coffee requires great attention from it’s roaster, which is why we have customised a hand-built vintage roaster to be in tune to our needs yet at the same time using technology to our advantage. Our roasts are monitored and recorded for great taste and consistency on Cropster. 

At Second Crack Coffee we believe in giving people a second crack at life but never to our coffees. Our coffee offering is diverse and are unique in character to each other. We highlight their individual and distinct characters in our roasting process. We fully develop all the flavours the coffee has to offer but we also roast them as little as possible. Don't be fooled by our name we don't roast to Second Crack. Coffees which you purchase from Second Crack Coffee will taste sweet, clean and pure. Plus it will give you that warm fuzzy feeling you helping those blend back into society after coming out of prison or stopping them from going to prison in the first place. A great start to every day :) 

Want to know more?

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