Brazil 'Saintly' Santos
Brazil 'Saintly' Santos
Brazil 'Saintly' Santos

Brazil 'Saintly' Santos

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Country: Brazil

Region: Santos

Altitude: 900-1100m

Process: Natural

Varietals: Bourbon, Catucai

Flavours: Nuts, Caramel & Cream

Story:  Brazil has worked hard in recent years to promote itself as a sustainable speciality coffee producer. This coffee we have named Saintly after the region it is from Santos founded in 1546 by the Portugese. Coffee from the Port of Santos gave rise to the city and mostly accounted for the wealth of the city at the turn of the 20th century. These days tourism has also added to its economy. 

Brazilian Santos is a light bodied coffee, with low acidity, a pleasing aroma and a mild, smooth flavour. Brazilian Santos Bourbon is dry-processed (dried inside the fruit) which is why some of the sweetness of the fruit carries into the cup.

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